The annual Singles Day is just around the corner. In addition to the shopping cart buying and buying, it is also a good time for lovers to show their love for single dogs. For such an important day, of course, we should wear them so dazzlingly. Suitable for dating wear US clothing with over Oh!

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If he has always liked your sweet feeling, today, you may want to wear a sweet coat and dress to your sweet to the extreme. This rouge pink cocoon-type coat design simple and elegant, not only look good but also to help you make up your body, take a pink blue sweet print dress, crisp-type coat coat and soft pink printing, a just A soft, especially suited to show you vulgarity and unique personality, ta see you look is sweet and content.

光棍节约会怎么穿衣 泰格约会女装搭配

If you go is not the sweet fan but the type of Royal sister, Xiao Bian recommended red jacket with a black dress inside is suitable for you, neat and handsome red simple coat with a flounced black fishtail dress, let you Full of femininity at the same time wearing a trace of competent temperament, especially the skirt cuffs and hem embellishment of the cortex, invisible and help you reveal the tough and capable woman strong charm, this dress, weak boyfriend near you will feel Very safe.

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