By song women , every design details are radiating a wisdom of light, each with a color of the spirit of the fragrance are sprayed, each line extends to elegant atmosphere, every piece of clothing works are lingering a rare Emmanuel. ... choose women by the song, is a wise woman's unique vision.

依歌 - YEEGO

Target groups: intellectual ladies wear, the main 18-36 year-old young women, fresh, neutral design style, popular price, and strive to reach the most extensive consumer groups, so beautiful at your fingertips.

March 2008, according to women's songs in the country has launched a comprehensive chain strategy, in order to accelerate the pace of market expansion, the United States and the United States decided to start the company to join the chain program, at present, in southern China, central China and North China opened more than 50 Brand stores, looking forward to a unique insight and hope that the industry in the womens dress industry colleagues, can join our ranks, create brilliant!

睿智女性的独到眼光  选择依歌品牌女装

Mutual benefit and sharing have always been the core of our enterprise spirit. We also firmly believe that it is not enough to rely on our own strength to achieve the goal of "building the No.1 brand in Chinese women" There is a group of industry colleagues who can identify with our development philosophy and hope to make a difference in China's children's wear industry. All join hands to create a better tomorrow together.

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