Ray of light blue butterfly sleeves, is quietly said the girl's mood, fit black vest show slim waist, body dress prominent sexy body upper body.


Sleeves, blouses hem, with the same color Casual Pants, color drop, highlight on the Wai, floral transparent, more sexy and wild.

独傲女装品牌 开拓国际时尚视角

Guangzhou Mei Li Ya apparel company, founded in 1991 in Taiwan, has already had 17 years of glorious history.
In 2003 in Guangzhou, China, set up an immediate company to carry out the development and operation of the mainland market. Guangzhou Dull, do not care, in the shortest possible time to complete the construction of the mainland from time to time and set up a sophisticated team, the team has two senior designers in Taiwan to serve as director of the domestic design department, respectively, in charge of mainland China South of the Yangtze River and the north of the design line, and has a multi-year experience in the marketing of women's marketing director to guide several industry professionals in the mainland market business development and customer maintenance; combined with sophisticated high-quality and efficient production line effective To complete the company set in the mainland development, production and marketing as one of the network logistics management and operation. Let Dull in many similar brands, to a higher level in the mainland market, the brand operation. DUll clothing brand freedom to show the new new women's self-confidence, beauty, strong, more independent and thus more successful.
At the same time a completely feminine from the inside out, not vulgar in DULL get complete stretch. Suitable for modern urban women aged 20-35.
International, atmospheric fashion perspective, practical design language, is the designer's perfect adherence.
Cutting the natural combination of comfort and detail and the pursuit of the main body, highlight the DULL brand's classic style to show the elegant and stylish image.
At DULL, it will also be eternal.

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