June 21, Finn Fashion home service research and development of two rooms in Guangdong Hongxing Industrial Co., Ltd. Phase II Industrial Park was officially launched!

芬腾时尚家居服研发二室开业 打造无限产品魅力

Finn R & D center now number of 60 people, is now home service industry's largest research and development team. All along, Fintech R & D department in the growth of Finnish brand plays a very important role. From the early well-known variety of new fabric development, now popular in the blue eyes and other sectors of the series design, are Fenten brand products have played a unique style charm. In order to meet the ever-expanding market demand, with the current trend of home-style trend of the subject of the concept of R & D, special additional studio, and hired high-tech industry research and development personnel, and strive to create Finn infinite charm. Fen Guo, director of research and development Guo Jing said that the product is the foundation of brand building. In today's highly competitive environment, most businesses are under pressure to manage shorter and shorter product life cycles. Brand in the industry to remain competitive and able to gain market share, only research and development is the largest productivity, well done this the most important first step, products and brands to meet the changing market demand. Not difficult to foresee, 2012 Finn not only focus on the construction of the brand terminal, but also will bring us innovative breakthroughs in product research and development, giving Fenton more brand content.

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