We know that the most beautiful woman must be deeply in love with each and every woman will not miss their own opportunities. HUEDY Gu Ti , the love of this deep into the hearts of women and urban women's pursuit of the ideal life through the clothing design concept, so that urban women perfect interpretation of different roles in the ideal life in different roles. This beauty is HUEDY perception of social change, change of life, change of fashion, aesthetic change and the courage to break through and challenge, dare to change dare change and bold innovation.


Gu Ti women draw MILAN Duomo (DUMBO) unique Gothic design style inspiration, elegant and timeless Italian aesthetic style of freedom and beauty, combined with the new international women's fashion style to express their love of deep understanding, HUEDY Gu Ti Detail highlights the taste at the same time using Italy or Japan and South Korea upscale fabrics, and strive to highlight the new modern women beyond themselves, self-reliance, dare to love and hate and the pursuit of individuality fashion spirit expression, HEUDY ancient Ti in the ultimate fusion of these three gather into a woman Implicit and warm love for yourself.

古缇女装 打造宠爱自己的时尚女人

HUEDY seeks to convey the woman's "sense of change. Dare to change" the pursuit of the pursuit of this change in the United States, and individual fashion-led diversified radiation fashion to cost-effective value for money for the operating characteristics of China's current single-stage women's Subdivided the market structure of the formation of a significant differentiation, to better meet the changing needs of women's dress. A variety of elements of the free combination, creating a new multi-fashion women's new look.

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