In early 2012, the well-known first-line men's brand - Busen Men's 2012 autumn and winter product orders in Zhuji City, Feng Bridge headquarters made a success. The order will be for 20 days. The order will be from a total of more than 1,200 agents from 23 provinces and cities nationwide, is the largest in the calendar year, the largest number of participants, the highest specifications. This is Busen Men's successful listing of the brand after the continuous development of the channel, the terminal outlets of the increasing results. Orders will be "glorious sharing, Benedict Zhiyuan" as the theme, share Busen Men's wonderful transformation and brilliant past year, at the same time to the franchisees to showcase the 2012 apparel products, introduced the new development strategy, marketing policy and terminal support Policy, and held the 2011 annual outstanding agent awards ceremony. Listing is just a bigger stage As we all know, in the increasingly competitive men's market, only the pursuit of change, continue to exceed only have a strong competitive edge and vitality. 2011 Busen men's successful listing, so that the company's development into another vast world. This is the result of many years of accumulation, but also a new and more challenging starting point. However, the listing is not once and for all. In order to enhance its competitiveness, since 2012, the company has taken a number of measures to accelerate the pace of development of the company. In terms of organizational structure and management improvement, the Company introduced a strategy of strategic decision-making to optimize the organizational structure and management functions. The Company also introduced famous brands such as Ying Yang Legend and ARK Noah International, and conducted a review on the Busen brand Remodeling. In the production R & D and terminal construction, the company established a modern design R & D center to strengthen its own design, playing board capacity; another 100 million yuan investment to strengthen the terminal store construction, for the opening of shops and decoration display and other matters, an investment of 25 million yuan The introduction of high-end suit production line, optimize product structure. In the product endorsement and brand promotion, the company and film star Huang Xiaoming continued the frontier, the successful contract renewal, and increase formal dress full range of products endorsement; the same time with Zhejiang Satellite TV "China Dream Show" annual cooperation and the establishment of "million dreams Fund ", Expand the form of propaganda, enhance the publicity effect. This series of measures has been the strong support of customers and widely recognized. 2012 autumn and winter product orders will be signed to join hands brilliant In order to do a good job of this order, the company also spent a lot of effort in order to achieve a breakthrough. On the basis of summing up experience of previous orders, the Company made reasonable adjustments in terms of product preparation, conference organization, meeting contents and agenda, making it more scientific and user-friendly, and received high praise from customers. At the same time, the company has won many franchisees and customers' recognition through better choice of materials, updated styles and higher quality products, and the company's development strategy and supportive policies to terminals have also strengthened the franchisee's confidence in the brand and successfully realized Order a win-win situation with the amount of orders. During the order, Busen company also held a grand annual awards show in recognition of rewarded outstanding dealers and franchisees to promote cooperation and exchange between the company and franchisees. Orders will also be announced on the scene to obtain Japanese tour, European tour and BMW car reward list, lively atmosphere, enjoyable. Compared with the previous awards show, party forms, content, etc. have greater innovation. PDA powerless, paperless orders were marked efficient use of the scene by the Shenzhen Municipal State Science and Technology Co., Ltd. pin state to provide a wireless PDA system, the work efficiency greatly improved. With the PDA system, merchants participating in the ordering meeting can hold the wireless terminal, fancy which style, as long as the PDA in your hand at the bar code corresponding to the new bar code or manual swept away, the clothes section number automatically through the PDA With the laser scanning module entry. Then. Merchants via stylus or PDA keys to enter the order quantity, color, size and other relevant data, and then "save", the goods ordering data management background and automatically generate the appropriate orders, and through the on-site electronic display each paragraph The total number of products ordered. The use of "wireless PDA" system technology saves a lot of time, increases the accuracy of ordering, effectively standardizes order information, and enables order statistics and order analysis to be more efficient and accurate. In addition, paperless office orders will be more energy-saving and environmental protection. Orders, the design has been the vast number of merchants praise.

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