Foshan Haijia Shi brand discount women in the 2012 summer new investment conference held in June 28-29. Welcomed the industry and the majority of joining agents here guidance visit.


The Company through the continuous exploration of the market, in-depth study of 25-40-year-old female consumer psychology, capture the international fashion elements, emphasizing the harmony between fashion and personality, forming a unique discount women's fashion brand romantic fashion urban style. With its profound brand connotation, personalized design, mid-range price, unique service, efficient management system and the most popular franchise style in the world, Hyclass has adopted the principle of "win-win" The size of the marketing network and good market reputation.


Haijia Shi sucked the essence of European and American fashion, fashion, elegance, leisure as one, Haijia Shi women to modern urban women bring a natural relaxed life. Will be the forefront of fashion design style, originality of accessories organic integration, embodies the Haijia Shi ladies fashion and very attractive style, suitable for advocating self-confidence, fashion and perfect combination. Create fashion classic, is the pursuit of perseverance Haijia Shi ladies! Haijia Shi women's brand integration of a strong French fashion culture and fashion elements in Europe and the United States, sucking the essence of international fashion, Haijia Shi women formed their own unique brand of clothing culture Connotation, highlight the mystery, personality, fashion brand charm, invites you to join!

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100% Cashmere Yarn,Cashmere Baby Knitting Yarn,Royal Cashmere Yarn,Luxury Cashmere Knitting Yarn

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