Bear B Bik brand children's clothing is a professional children's clothing company - Foshan Dong Hyun Fashion Co., Ltd. design and production. Bear B Qi children's clothing advocates lively and generous, simple and practical, stylish and casual taste and culture. Bear B Bikini Bear B Bick's appeal is a culture, taste, the pursuit of the middle / high-end consumer families. It vividly interprets the outstanding imagination and expressive power of these new century children. Bear B Qi children's clothing brand-oriented parents: they have a high aesthetic discriminating power, not easily blind from the domestic foreign garbage culture. In the dress of their children, their aesthetic tends to be internationalized, requiring dress generous, stylish, positive, naive, etc .; they attach importance to the practicality and quality of garments, requiring apparel safety, comfort, environmental protection and so on. BIRD B CHILDREN BIRD BQ Kids are fashion girls, fashion casual, fashion sports, classic campus four series, with a sound product structure, a clear color to spread and promote children's clothing. Winnie B Bok children's clothing brand design style has always been around the "health, sunshine" dress culture started to highlight the fashion, children and adolescents fully display "personality without exaggeration, simplicity and not simple," the era of personality. Bear B Bik Tong children's commitment to you are: first-class quality, second-rate price. We work together for a win-win situation for a better tomorrow.

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